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NASA Whats Up for January

NASACast: What's Up? Video Podcasts

What's Up? -- A monthly video that gives tips for where you can find the moon, planets and stars in the night sky. Also includes amateur astronomy news and updates on NASA missions.

FaviconWhat's Up - January 2020

Posted on: 31 Dec 2019, 12:26 am

Morning meteors, Mars meets its "rival," and the Moon comes around for another visit with Venus.

ESO European Southern Observatory ESOcast

ESOcast SD

ESOcast is a video podcast series dedicated to bringing you the latest news and research from ESO, the European Southern Observatory. Here we explore the Universe's ultimate frontier.

FaviconESOcast 215 Light: Interstellar Thread of One of Life’s Building Blocks Revealed

Posted on: 15 Jan 2020, 6:00 am


Hubblecast HD

The latest news about astronomy, space and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope presented in High Definition is only for devices that play High Definition video (not iPhone or iPod). To watch the Hubblecast on your iPod and/or iPhone, please download the Standard Definition version also available on iTunes.

FaviconHubblecast 126: From Ultraviolet to Infrared: Comparing the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes

Posted on: 11 Dec 2019, 4:00 am

CBS New Sunday Morning article Preserving the starry starry night


NASA Breaking News

A RSS news feed containing the latest NASA news articles and press releases.

FaviconNASA Invites Media to Next SpaceX Space Station Cargo Launch 27 Jan 2020, 4:04 pm

Media accreditation is open for the launch of the next SpaceX delivery of NASA science investigations, supplies, and equipment to the International Space Station.

FaviconNASA Selects First Commercial Destination Module for International Space Station 27 Jan 2020, 4:00 pm

NASA has selected Axiom Space of Houston to provide at least one habitable commercial module to be attached to the International Space Station as the agency continues to open the station for commercial use.

NASA Image Of The Day

NASA Image of the Day

The latest NASA "Image of the Day" image.

FaviconSpitzer Observes TRAPPIST-1 27 Jan 2020, 12:44 pm

Spitzer Space Telescope, one of agency’s great observatories, one of Spitzer's great discoveries was that of the TRAPPIST-1 star, an ultra-cool dwarf, which has seven Earth-size planets orbiting it.

FaviconSetting the Stage for Artemis Testing 24 Jan 2020, 10:37 am

All eyes are on south Mississippi with this month’s delivery and installation of NASA’s Space Launch System.

APOD for Today


Astronomy Picture of the Day

FaviconComet CG Evaporates 

Where do comet tails come from? Where do comet tails come from?

FaviconHills Ridges and Tracks on Mars 

Sometimes, even rovers on Mars stop to admire the scenery. Sometimes, even rovers on Mars stop to admire the scenery.

Astronomy News

Space.com News Feed

Favicon Space calendar 2020: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more!

Here's a guide to all the rocket launches and astronomical events in 2020, as well as milestones for space missions, anniversaries and conferences.

Favicon Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day

The barred spiral galaxy NGC 1022 flaunts its tendrils of dark, red dust in this new view from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Faces of the Moon A new book by ASNH member Bob Crelin Click the book below for information on the book

There Once Was A Sky Full Of Stars A new book by ASNH member Bob Crelin Click the book below for information on the book

The 100 Best Targets for Astrophotography A new book by ASNH member Ruben Kier Click the book below for a review from Springer.com

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Cosmic Perspective Radio Shows
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