All events are CANCELLED for September

Remembering Michael Peter Dzubaty

We have lost long time member and friend and a founding father of The Connecticut Star Party, Michael Dzubaty

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Due to COVID 19 CSP 30 Has Been Postponed until next year. See You Next Year Sept 10-12 2021

The Great Give, 36 hour online giving event to support local nonprofits

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NASA Whats Up for September

NASACast: What's Up? Video Podcasts

What's Up? -- A monthly video that gives tips for where you can find the moon, planets and stars in the night sky. Also includes amateur astronomy news and updates on NASA missions.

FaviconWhat's Up - September 2020

Posted on: 1 Sep 2020, 2:37 pm

What are some skywatching highlights in September 2020? Spot the Moon together with Mars and Venus, along with the flickering star Fomalhaut, which had itself a planet...until it didn't!

ESO European Southern Observatory ESOcast

ESOcast SD

ESOcast is a video podcast series dedicated to bringing you the latest news and research from ESO, the European Southern Observatory. Here we explore the Universe's ultimate frontier.

FaviconESOcast 230 Light: Possible Marker of Life Spotted on Venus

Posted on: 14 Sep 2020, 11:00 am


Hubblecast HD

The latest news about astronomy, space and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope presented in High Definition is only for devices that play High Definition video (not iPhone or iPod). To watch the Hubblecast on your iPod and/or iPhone, please download the Standard Definition version also available on iTunes.

FaviconHubblecast 131 Special: Showcase of Hubble's 30th Anniversary Artistic Creations

Posted on: 26 Aug 2020, 4:00 am

On 24 April 2020, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope celebraetd its 30th anniversary. ESA/Hubble invited the general public to submit Hubble-themed artistic creations to celebrate this special milestone. Submissions received included drawings, paintings, sculptures, music, and poetry that were all inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope. This Hubblecast features a variety of the visual creations received.

CBS New Sunday Morning article Preserving the starry starry night


NASA Breaking News

A RSS news feed containing the latest NASA news articles and press releases.

FaviconNASA to Discuss Early Artemis Exploration Plans with Media 21 Sep 2020, 10:18 am

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will discuss the agency’s latest Artemis program exploration plans during a media teleconference today at 5 p.m. EDT.

FaviconNASA Invites Media to Launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite from West Coast 18 Sep 2020, 5:56 pm

Media accreditation is open for the launch of the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite, an international collaboration between NASA and several partners.

NASA Image Of The Day

NASA Image of the Day

The latest NASA "Image of the Day" image.

FaviconMoon Shadow Over Jupiter 18 Sep 2020, 9:56 am

Jupiter's volcanically active moon Io casts its shadow on the planet in this dramatic image from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

FaviconFranklin Chang-Diaz Performs a Spacewalk on the STS-111 Mission 18 Sep 2020, 8:58 am

In this mage from June 2002, astronaut Franklin R. Chang-Diaz works with a grapple fixture during a spacewalk to perform work on the International Space Station.

APOD for Today


Astronomy Picture of the Day

FaviconOmega Sunrise 

Capturing this sunrise required both luck and timing. Capturing this sunrise required both luck and timing.

FaviconBreaking Distant Light 

In the distant universe, In the distant universe,

Astronomy News News Feed

Favicon Astronauts, NASA chief mourn death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

NASA astronauts and leadership took to Twitter over the weekend to mark the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday (Sept. 18).

Favicon Meet Calypso, a daredevil mission concept to explore the surface of Venus

Of all the rocky, inner worlds of the solar system, Venus is the most challenging to explore.

Faces of the Moon A new book by ASNH member Bob Crelin Click the book below for information on the book

There Once Was A Sky Full Of Stars A new book by ASNH member Bob Crelin Click the book below for information on the book

The 100 Best Targets for Astrophotography A new book by ASNH member Ruben Kier Click the book below for a review from

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